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The Ancient Mariners 2013
Players & Members : Player Profiles

Please Note: Although all reasonable due care and attention has been paid whilst compiling the
following player profiles, any inaccuracies are purely accidently, particularly any references to ability,
sobriety or acts of cricketing brilliance (all of which were more than certainly accidental).

J Chesterman
19?? - present
Right Handed Bat, Slow Right Arm Bowler,Wicket Keeper
  An exuberant, entertaining performer, John Chesterman is regarded for his elegant and effective batting. An assured wicket keeper, his ebulient and genial presence around the slip courdon, either as keeper or close catcher, endeers John to fellow Mariner and opposition batsman alike.

R Francis
19?? - present
Slow Right Arm Bowler, Right Handed Bat
  The name Francis is synonymous with Mariners cricket and Richard has excelled over many seasons as his father before him. A classy and cerebral cricketer he is equally adept at luring batsmen with his spin as he is with bat in hand. Richard can be sure to keep his head when Mariners around him are loosing theirs.

J Holmes
19?? - present
Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Fast Medium Bowler
  From good Mariners stock, Jake has continued where his father left off as the premier Mariner of his generation. An opening bowler with over 800 scalps and onced noted as bowling "with greater hostility than most village batsmen would like to face", he is also a much lauded bat, stroking over 5,000 runs in his career to date.

G. Lea
1964 - 2013
Right Handed Bat, Wicket Keeper
  Graeme Lea, son of C Lea, has been a fixture of the Mariners side for some 40 seasons - a feat only emulated by the equally durable R Francis. In his day a dashing batsman (holding the 2nd highest score by a Mariner of 153*), Lea remains an accomplished and surprsingly agile wicket keeper.

C van Oppen
2006 - present
Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Medium Bowler
  Another success from the Ancient Mariners Youth Development Academy™, Charlie continues to flourish under the assured tutorledge of R Francis and is fast becoming a regular in the starting line-up. Bowling varied seamers Charlie is an increasingly confident batsman on the path of Mariners greatness.

M Rush
2006 - present
Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Bowler
  Another of the new crop of Mariners set to impress in the years to come. Martyn is a versatile and nuggety competitor, electric in the field either close to the bat or patrolling the boundary. A true players player, batting anywhere (and possibly everywhere) between 1 and 11 with resolute enthusiasm.

W Westwood
20?? - present
Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Fast Medium Bowler
  A swashbickling allrounder, Will is a larger than life character both on and off the cricket field. As likely to hit a run-a-ball fifty and take a rapid five-for as his dog is to eat the tea, Westwood can be destructive on his day and, when the fancy takes him, single handidly dismantle an opposition with either bat or ball.

A Falk
19?? - present
Right Handed Bat, Slow Right Arm Bowler
  A mercurial talent, Andrew Falk is a twinkle-toed, delightfully refined batsman exuding classical elegance and his bowling is no less engaging. A philosophical cricketer, Andrew plays the game in the spirit that harks of a by-gone era: gentlemanly and sporting but with no shortage of quality and feats of genius.

T Goldman
19?? - present
Right Handed Bat, Slow Right Arm Bowler, Wicket Keeper
  A uniquely classy batsman with a penchant for scoring fifties. Tim Goldman can often be relied upon to score vital runs at vital times for the Mariners, effortlessly caressing the ball to the rope, there are fewer more pleasing batsmen to watch. Tim is also a part-time bowler, though now more noted for his wicket keeping.

N Hursey
2006 - present
Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Medium Bowler
  A newcomer to the Mariners and this devious game of ours, Neil is a free swinging batsman with excellent hand-eye co-ordination. Prefering to score his runs in boundaries and an improving bowler, Neil is also athletic in the field - all adding to his rising Mariners stock.

J O'Meara
19?? - 2011
Right Handed Bat, Slow Right Arm Bowler
  A Mariner amoungst Mariners. Jim O'Meara was a leader of men, often taking the helm of this frequently listing ship he was a renowned tactician and batsman. Once a trusty bowler, Jim was another Mariner with strong family ties to the club and leaves a legacy of some 20 legendary seasons.

S Rough
2005 - present
Right Arm Fast Bowler, Right Handed Bat
  The rangey quick is enjoying his third season as one half of the Mariners opening bowling attack, often sharing the new ball with Jake Holmes. Stephen is a miserly strike bowler capable of unsettling top order batsmen with pace and bounce, a doubty bat and capable fielder.

T Ward
2006 - present
Right Handed Bat, Right Arm Medium Bowler
  An exciting junior Mariner with only a handful of games under his belt, Toby displays abilities beyound his years. A prodigious young talent he continues to impress with his assured batting and challenging seam bowling. With time on his side one feels this Mariner has many years of successful cricket ahead of him.

M Wootton
2005 - present
Right Handed Bat, Slow Right Arm Bowler
  A student of the game Mark is a stylish and technically gifted top-order batsman, a wicket taking spin bowler, a dazzling fielder and part-time Mariners captain. A genuine all-rounder who can turn a game with either bat or ball he is guarnateed to excite whenever he takes the field.
He Stoppeth One of Three...